Through implementing live monitoring systems, you can gain full control of the movements and actions of your vehicles and drivers and consequently increase profitability and productivity.


Retriever enables you to make faster decisions by providing detailed and up-to-date custom-made reports containing critical information.


You can immediately attend to crucial issues or updates requiring urgent attention by receiving real-time alerts.

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

Retriever’s wide range of Stolen Vehicle Recovery products ensures that you are better equipped to tackle the modern-day issues posed by vehicle theft and vehicle recovery.

  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Vehicle Recovery



Gain instant monitoring access to all your vehicles across all platforms with our round-the-clock online monitoring system. At the tap or click of a button, you will have real-time data available that will empower you to remotely make critical decisions. The real-time fleet management feature on the map allows you to perform various functions, including knowing the status and current location of the vehicles.


Gain information relating to driver performance, including speeding, idling, vehicle ignition state, temperatures and Revs Per Minute (RPMs).


A virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.


Provision for optimized route planning.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Risk management with prompt response to distress calls.


Access maps from around the world for location of points of interest.

Fuel Control

Retriever integrates information regarding the use of fuel supply cards from any company in its registration and cost control system and confirms the location of the refuel.


We offer a concise fleet reporting package that provides an overview of key performance data. These periodic reports allow you to decisively use this information to implement actionable and meaningful measures, resulting in better management of your fleet and a clear determination of your return on investment.

Speed Report

Speed reports showing dates and / or trips enables fuel and maintenance reduction measures to be implemented plus increases road safety, thereby reducing accidents.

History Conductor

The data related to the main operations performed are recorded for later validation in case of need.


Idling for just 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting the engine.

Fuel Consumption Report

The fuel consumption report allows you to control your spending and evaluate the effectiveness of the consumption reduction measures.

Fuel Card

Retriever integrates information regarding the use of fuel supply cards from any company in its registration and cost control system as well as confirms the location of the car supplied at the place of supply.


Retriever’s GPS system enables you to receive real-time, customisable alerts via your mobile phone or email. Consequently, you are always aware of your operations and real-time occurrences, and you can therefore take immediate action which could be crucial for your business and even save lives.

The Retriever alerts feature also protects your vehicle(s) from possible theft, thereby ensuring that costly downtime and lengthy insurance claims are avoided. Automated alerts also eliminate unauthorised usage, side-jobs and moonlighting, ensuring that maximum value is drawn from the operation of your fleet.


Analyse improper driving habits and save on fleet maintenance costs by getting alerts such as harsh acceleration, harsh breaking and harsh-turning.


Reduce vehicle idling, which wastes more petrol than restarting the engine.

Driver History

The data related to the main operations performed are archived for later validation in case they are needed.


Increase fleet security and safety by using triggered alerts from a GPS system.


Retriever integrates information regarding the use of fuel supply cards from any company in its registration and cost control system and confirms the location at which the vehicle was refuelled.

Car theft

Receive car theft alerts in real time, with extra safety solutions offered in selected packages.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) remains in high demand in many developing countries and is an essential offering in our operations in South Africa and many parts of Africa. SVR continues to grow, both as a stand-alone service and as a service, combined with fleet management/insurance.

Retriever’s team of highly trained and skilled professionals provide 24/7 service relating to the recovery of stolen vehicles. We are the only company that utilises a hands-on approach in recovering vehicles, as our own team involves itself in the process of retrieving cars and recovering them to safety. Real-time GPS mapping of your vehicle helps the authorities to easily comb the location radius and aids significantly in the recovery of your vehicle in the event of a theft or car-jacking.

Retriever’s safety and recovery solutions can be installed on any type of vehicle. The main features include:

  • Receiving automatic alerts
  • The management of procedures with the authorities
  • Solutions adaptable for any type of vehicle or cargo
  • A 97% recorded success rate
  • Anti-theft security
  • Access to a 24-hour monitoring room, 365 days a year
  • Real-time location tracking
  • GPS and radio frequency location


Make sure that you always have full knowledge of your assets’ current location by monitoring the movement of these goods in real-time.

Panic Button

The panic button puts you in control by allowing the driver of a vehicle to issue a distress warning to Retriever’s control room in the event of a carjacking, indisposition or other occurrences that should merit quick action.

Remote Immobilization

Retriever’s leading technology allows for the remote immobilisation of vehicles, thereby ensuring that the process of vehicle recovery is faster and more efficient.  When your vehicle is stolen, you will have the power to immobilise it from wherever you are located.

Unauthorized Driver Alert

Through a system of prior authorisation signalling, Retriever will alert you to the possibility that an unauthorised driver is driving your vehicle. As such, you will always be instantly aware of possible or actual theft of your vehicle.


Retriever measures and informs you about the charge level of your battery, launching alerts for sudden losses in the levels of charge that can indicate robbery situations.


Retriever’s system allows for a remote reading of the charge level of the batteries, thereby enabling appropriate corrective action to be taken, and potentially detecting car theft.


Retriever’s Fleet management solutions ensures that our customer receive high performance GPS vehicle tracking alongside a world-class fleet management service. An advanced computer platform and a set of real-time reports and alerts enables fleet managers to be more efficient and effective in their daily role.

We are able to provide this service owing to our integrated set of technological solutions that contribute decisively to improving productivity, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Our cutting-edge fleet management systems will therefore significantly increase your business ROI.

Ultimately, we ensure that you are able to save on labour and operational costs, and provide you with peace of mind in terms of your business and the safety of your vehicles and movable assets.


MiFleet is a software that calculates actual vehicle operating costs in conjunction with real-time integration of the tracking system, with variables such as fuel costs, tolls, maintenance, tyre replacement, taxes and personnel expenses. This information ultimately ensures that a fleet manager knows in detail all the running costs of each of their vehicles, while using a monitoring system, reports, graphs and alerts by specific dates or events.


Imagine that your car is like a human body:

The Controller Area Network (CANbus) is the nervous system, enabling communication between all parts of the body. CANbus allows electronic control units and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. As a fleet manager, you will be able to monitor your fleet remotely having access to data relayed by the CANbus such as door locks, rpm’s, speedometer, fuel gauge, gear-shift position indicator, seat-belt warning, engine-malfunction etc.

Drive Vision

Retriever’s on-board dual camera system comprises a primary camera that records video footage with a 120-degree exterior view of the road ahead, plus a secondary driver camera that provides a 160-degree view of the inside of the vehicle cab. Drive-Vision provides a whole host of benefits to fleet managers. Utilized alongside telematics, they’re a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving driver behaviour and reducing incidents on the road.


Retriever’s leading technology helps you to combat fuel misuse and save on fuel costs. This system is especially valuable to the efficiency level of managing fleets, as fuel accounts for about a third of fleet operations, and is one of the most misappropriated resources in fleets.

Vehicle and driver behaviour management

Gain the resources to firmly manage the performance of your drivers, with information available at your fingertips relating to their driving behaviour.  These variables include idling and excessive speeds, the use of eco-driving systems and the prevention of fuel theft.

Driver Identification

Through the use of driver identification tags, you can manage multiple drivers and easily identify a driver of a particular vehicle at any given time. These tags fulfil two objectives: they prevent the improper use of the vehicle and provide a clear record of individual driver performance, thereby enabling better and more efficient management of drivers within a fleet.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors integrated in GPS Tracking system help to monitor real-time temperature and also provide GPS-based fleet information, with temperature control objectives.

Retriever’s Temperature Sensors allow Feet Managers to get real-time temperature, location, status and history reports. This information enables to identify location and status of each fleet, and ensure proper temperature control.

Trailer Track

Retriever tracks individual trailers making your asses even more secure. Our tracking device fitted to the trailer. A  satellite network is then used to transfer the positional data to a centralized collection point. Trailer tracking is used to increase productivity by optimizing the use of trailer fleets.


Carwatch App is our early-theft detection alert. Once activated on your phone, the app will give you a prompt alert on any ignition event (on/off) or any movement your car makes. The same alert will come to our 24H Control Room where we will take appropriate action. The app works with Android and iOS.

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