Retriever’s remedy for maintenance headaches

There are so many variables that go into running a business, and with a fleet business each is unique and compounded by the fact that every one of your vehicles has its own set of variables. These can combine to make fleet accounting and management an administrative headache.

Luckily, Retriever has the perfect remedy for this. Mi-Fleet is our powerful fleet accounting software that can be implemented both as a stand-alone product or as part of the Retriever Fleet Management package.

The software, developed specifically for our fleet clients, involves the integration of our technological solutions to drastically improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and significantly increasing ROI.

This information ultimately ensures that a fleet manager knows in detail all the running costs of each of their vehicles through the use of monitoring systems, i.e. reports, graphs and alerts by specific dates or events.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in Retriever’s Mi-Fleet programme:

  1. Variable fuel prices

It’s no secret that fuel prices change regularly going up and down as the markets fluctuate and world economics plays its part. This can make budgeting for fuel difficult as there is no annual fixed price. With Mi-Fleet you can update the system, and it will automatically help you budget correctly and provide data to assist you with a long-term saving strategy.

  1. Manage your maintenance costs

Vehicles and parts deterioration is inevitable, however Mi-Fleet will help you keep tabs on your maintenance needs such as service intervals, parts replacements as well as licences, toll fees and more. This type of micro-management by the system ensures that your vehicles don’t surprise you with major breakdowns that require a large capital outlay.

  1. Predictive expenditure

By knowing when your vehicles need to be serviced or licenced, you can improve your budget and save towards each of these costs. You can also track costs over a period, analyse data and implement policies to reduce expenses.

  1. Keep your workforce safe

A good maintenance policy and programme ensures your vehicles are always roadworthy and your drivers are safe on the roads. Add the Retriever Fleet Management system, and you can keep a watch on what your drivers are doing behind the wheel.

In addition to the above, Mi-Fleet can assist with:

  • Finance costs per vehicle
  • Toll fees paid
  • Fuel costs per vehicle
  • Tire lifespan per vehicle
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Insurance expenses
  • Driver license validity
  • Drivers allocation per vehicle
  • Asset depreciation
  • Fines and notices issued
  • Accessories purchased per vehicle
  • Breakdowns per vehicle
  • Supplier payment methods and times
  • Driver permits
  • List of suppliers
  • Vehicle taxes
  • Vehicle permits

The software integrates easily with existing platforms, but is also designed to work hand in glove with our fleet management packages. Through this, we ensure that you are able to save on labour and operational costs.

It’s how we can continue to provide you with peace of mind in terms of your business and the safety of your vehicles, drivers and movable assets. Contact Retriever today for a quote.