You can monitor your vehicle(s) 24/7 via our online platform. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or a computer, you will have the knowledge at your fingertips regarding what’s happening with your vehicle (s).


Retriever is a leading authority in the vehicle tracking and recovery industry, with an audited recovery rate of 97%. Thanks to an integrated system of alerts and real-time location, with a permanent stand-by team and a round-the-clock operation, you can rest assured that your car will be retrieved in no time.

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In addition to the recovery of stolen vehicles there are a number of related services that we offer to further enhance your safety.

Ignition Sensor

Through the remote reading of the ignition sensor, you’ll have access to the ignition status and will be able to detect any improper use of your vehicle.

Stolen Batteries

Battery theft is frequent in heavy vehicles that have exposed batteries on the outside of the vehicle. By measuring the battery charge in real-time, Cartrack can detect and inform customers about any battery theft.

Panic Button

In the event of a high-risk situation such as a carjacking or a medical emergency, a panic button can be pressed to alert our dedicated support team, who will then initiate assistance procedures appropriate for that particular situation.

Low Current Detector

Measuring the battery charge in real-time also allows Cartrack to send low-battery alerts, which can prevent disturbances and safety risks.