Six tips to remember if you’re in an accident

Accidents are inevitable

Driving defensively is a good way to help prevent accidents as it involves being aware of all factors that could affect you on the road. The techniques taught during defensive driving training allow you to save time, money and most of all lives, as you drive to defend yourself against any possible situations, including drunk drivers, difficult weather, or even poor lighting.

One of the key elements to defensive driving is to keep your eyes moving, enabling you to spot potential hazards easily and to plan ahead, should something happen. However, no matter how well or defensively you drive, there is always a chance that you will be involved in an accident.

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In the event you are involved in an accident,

No matter how minor the accident may be, remember these 6 things so that you can stay on the right side of the law and ensure that all your insurance information is correct.

  1. Stay at the scene

Even if your car is driveable after an accident, stay at the scene of the crash. Make sure the car is switched off, and that the hazard lights are on to warn other road users that there is a problem. Check your passengers, as well as those of the other vehicle and if necessary, call for emergency medical services on 10177.

  1. Contact the police

Whether there are serious injuries or not, it is your duty to call the police who will complete an accident report. You can use this to claim from your insurance company. Remember when giving your side of the story, stick to the facts, don’t say you think this or that happened, only state what you know for sure.

  1. Get the other party’s details

Smart phones have made our lives easy these days. Simply go to the notes section of your phone, and start typing in the details of the driver in – to ensure you have it right, take a picture of their driving and vehicle licence. Remember to get the other car’s details as well, make, model and registration number.

  1. Collect additional information

While making a record of the other party, also try to get as much information as possible including date, time, road conditions, weather and lighting conditions. If possible, take pictures of the scene, as well as the other vehicles involved.

  1. Contact your insurance company or broker

You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to tell them what has happened. They can organise towing services if needed, and see to other related needs. If you have comprehensive insurance, they may even cover medical bills.

  1. Ensure you get what you deserve

After the accident, make sure you keep a record of all expense relating to it so that when you claim from your insurer, you are paid out the right amount. In some cases, especially where you have been injured, it might be worth your while to speak to an attorney.

Retriever’s premier services

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