How telematics could help ease traffic jams in Kenya

Traffic – it’s one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of people’s daily lives and a major headache for many companies. As one of Kenya’s leading fleet management companies, Retriever can help ease traffic burdens through the use of sophisticated technology that is shaping the future of fleet management

In Kenya, where traffic jams contribute to the loss of 18.25 billion KSh annually and 50 million KSh daily, according to research by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), there is an urgent need to ease traffic burdens in the country. Technology is rightly seen as one of the keys to alleviating traffic jams, with telematics technology one of the best ways to achieve this end.

Retriever has provided this type of world-class service to our customers for several years.  Traffic and transit overlays allow us to plan your routes better and ensure that you are not delayed by traffic incidents and can reach your destination as efficiently as possible.

Let’s unpack how telematics technology could help lessen traffic jams in Kenya:

Route optimisation 

Specific telematics technologies are combined, such as real-time fleet tracking, turn-by-turn driver direction and digital video recording (DVR). This telematics technology allows fleet managers to use route optimisation software that improves route management and helps drivers avoid congested areas on the road.

Route Replays 

Route replays give fleet managers greater insight into routes that may slow down drivers in your fleet – you can then avoid those routes on future trips. They also help you identify adverse driver behaviour and take corrective action that will decrease the chances of your drivers causing accidents and increasing traffic. Retriever can regularly send route replays to our fleet management customers.

 Predicting traffic jams through GPS 

For many years, GPS devices have played a critical role in informing drivers about which routes to avoid. The use of GPS technology in tackling traffic concerns is even more notable in modern fleet management, as GPS units in vehicles can detect potential heavy traffic and advise drivers and/or fleet managers accordingly. This type of service is standard for all fleet management packages at Retriever.

Trust the fleet management experts to relieve traffic concerns

As one of the leading fleet management and tracking companies in the world, Retriever has the experience and skillset to provide tangible solutions for companies when it comes to traffic and route management. Contact us today to enjoy superior and trusted service.